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House Purchasers Liability for Planning Obligations

Are house purchasers on new residential developments liable for breaches ... more

Workplace email monitoring: employers must have clear policies in place

{team=146}Quick Summary:   In this judgment on workplace monitoring, the Grand ... more

The Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims

What does it mean for your business? The Pre-Action Protocol for ... more

Employment e-briefing July 2017

Welcome to our Employment e-briefing for July 2017. In this edition we ... more

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Global data flows are fundamental to modern communication and everyday ... more

Pokémon Go Begone! Linking Augmented Reality and the Law

Since July, the mobile app Pokémon Go has been downloaded ... more

Employment e-briefing June 2016

Brexit - What Now? Read our e-briefing on the consequences of the ... more

Regional businesses remain uncertain about Brexit

With only 2 weeks remaining before the referendum, professionals are ... more

PSC requirements for Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships

On 6th April 2016, the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment ... more

Employment e-briefing April 2016

Welcome to our latest Employment e-briefing. In this edition we ... more

Plain sailing out of the Safe Harbor?

Where are we now on transfers of personal data to ... more

URGENT action on your pension before 16 March 2016 - Budget Day

If you are a high or mid-high earner, then pension ... more

Employment e-briefing February 2016

Welcome to our first Employment e-briefing for February.  In this edition we look at zero ... more

Employment e-briefing January 2016 Second Edition

Welcome to our second Employment e-briefing for January.  In this edition we look at ... more

Google, Sadie Frost, Data Protection and Privacy - An update

The information Commissioner has with increasing frequency imposed substantial fines ... more

Advertising on social media – how to comply with the law

Adverts on social media must comply with the same rules ... more

Minimum energy efficiency standards: a reminder

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (“MEES”) is due to begin ... more

Drones and the law

Thanks to technological advances, small unmanned / remotely piloted aircraft ... more

Employment e-briefing January 2016

Welcome to our January Employment e-briefing.  This month we look at ... more

Corporate Update - November 2015

Click to read our special edition on Penalty Clauses ... more

Corporate Update - September 2015

In this issue: Consumer Rights Act 2015 - Special edition ... more

Have I got a contract? If I haven't, how might I get paid?

Have I got a contract? If I haven't, how might ... more

Swaps - another victory for the banks

Swaps - another victory for the banks ... more

Healthcare Update - June 2015

Healthcare Update - June 2015 ... more

Employment e-briefing June 2015

Employment e-briefing June 2015 ... more

Healthcare Update - May 2015

Healthcare Update - May 2015 ... more

Transport Sector Update - May 2015

Transport Sector Update - May 2015 ... more

Transport Sector Update - April 2015

Transport Sector Update - April 2015 ... more

Healthcare Update - March 2015

Healthcare Update - March 2015 ... more

Online Retailers - Are you ready for June 2014?

February 28, 2014 at 11:04 AM From 13 June 2014, e-commerce ... more

Pre-marital agreements

Friday 14th of February is Valentine’s Day and a recent ... more

Employment e-briefing August 2015

Employment e-briefing August 2015 ... more

Employment e-briefing July 2015

Employment e-briefing July 2015 ... more

Cookies - Your obligations

Cookies - Your obligations ... more


What is a MIAM? MIAM stands for Mediation, Information and Assessment ... more


Litigation, or the need to apply to the court to ... more

Selling a Property

Selling a property ... more

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