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Abigail Hubert

Role: Trainee SolicitorPhone: 01245 295264Email: ahubert@prettys.co.uk

Anna Mulholland

Role: Trainee SolicitorPhone: 01473 298218Email: amulholland@prettys.co.uk

Claire Barritt

Role: Senior AssociatePhone: 01473 298335Email: cbarritt@prettys.co.uk

Daniel Billson

Role: AssociatePhone: 01473 298296Email: dbillson@prettys.co.uk

Emma Loveday-Hill

Role: AssociatePhone: 01473 298266 /01245 295267Email: elovedayhill@prettys.co.uk

Francesca Houston

Role: Litigation ExecutivePhone: 01473 298319Email: fhouston@prettys.co.uk

Georgie Hall

Role: Partner - Head of Family LawPhone: 01473 298233Email: ghall@prettys.co.uk

Georgina Rayment

Role: Senior Associate and MediatorPhone: 01473 298344Email: grayment@prettys.co.uk

Graeme Burslem

Role: AssociatePhone: 01473 298220Email: gburslem@prettys.co.uk

Ian Carr, CEO

Role: CEOPhone: 01473 298306Email: icarr@prettys.co.uk

Ian Seeley

Role: AssociatePhone: 01473 298228Email: iseeley@prettys.co.uk

Ian Waine, Senior Partner

Role: Head of Corporate and Commercial LawPhone: 01473 298223Email: iwaine@prettys.co.uk

Jade Boyle

Role: Litigation ExecutivePhone: 01473 298276Email: jboyle@prettys.co.uk

Katrina Drake

Role: Trainee SolicitorPhone: 01473 298267Email: kdrake@prettys.co.uk

Kelly Sayers

Role: Partner - Head of Employment ServicesPhone: 01473 298291 Email: ksayers@prettys.co.uk

Kieren Brown

Role: Administration AssistantPhone: 01473 298247Email: kbrown@prettys.co.uk

Laura Parker

Role: SolicitorPhone: 01473 298290Email: lparker@prettys.co.uk

Laura Pharez-Zea

Role: AssociatePhone: 01245 295268Email: lpharezzea@prettys.co.uk

Louise Plant

Role: AssociatePhone: 01473 298293Email: lplant@prettys.co.uk

Matthew Clemence

Role: AssociatePhone: 01473 298337Email: mclemence@prettys.co.uk

Matthew Cole

Role: Employment PartnerPhone: 01473 298221Email: mcole@prettys.co.uk

Michael Booth

Role: SolicitorPhone: 01473 298214Email: mbooth@prettys.co.uk

Michael Freebury

Role: SolicitorPhone: 01473 298295Email: mfreebury@prettys.co.uk

Michael Large

Role: SolicitorPhone: 01245 298273Email: mlarge@prettys.co.uk

Nick Bowen

Role: ParalegalPhone: 01473 298257Email: nbowen@prettys.co.uk

Nigel George TEP

Role: SolicitorPhone: 01473 298342Email: ngeorge@prettys.co.uk

Penny Gordon

Role: Associate of CILEXPhone: 01473 298338Email: pgordon@prettys.co.uk

Peter Blake

Role: Partner, Head of Dispute resolutionPhone: 01473 298206Email: pblake@prettys.co.uk

Rebecca Palmer

Role: Senior AssociatePhone: 01473 298274Email: rpalmer@prettys.co.uk

Roger White

Role: Head of Shipping & International TradePhone: 01473 298302Email: rwhite@prettys.co.uk

Roland Sharp

Role: ConsultantPhone: 01473 298234Email: rsharp@prettys.co.uk

Sheilah Cummins

Role: AssociatePhone: 01473 298226Email: scummins@prettys.co.uk

Siân Llewelyn

Role: Trainee SolicitorPhone: 01473 298231Email: sllewelyn@prettys.co.uk

Vanessa Bell

Role: Senior AssociatePhone: 01473 298208Email: vbell@prettys.co.uk

Victoria Mayhew

Role: Associate and MediatorPhone: 01473 298350Email: vmayhew@prettys.co.uk

Zöe Hodge

Role: Partner and Head of EstatesPhone: 01473 298304Email: zhodge@prettys.co.uk
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