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Cardinal Healthcare

November 2017

Cardinal Healthcare Group comprises of Barham Care Centre with its newly refurbished extended facilities and Baylham Care Centre. Both provide *Residential and Nursing Care *Day Care *Respite Reablement *Short Term Care  *End of Life Care and much more.

We also have our community home care service Primary Home Care assisting many people to stay at home in a variety of ways, from long and short  term support,   helping them when returning home from hospital requiring  rehabilitation or 24 hour care.

We know that caring for people at all different times in their lives either at home or in permanent care is a privilege.

I am often asked by friends and family what to do when you have to look for alternative care so I hope that the following information is helpful.

After all other options have been explored about caring for someone you may need to look at home care or residiential or nursing home options. It  is a hard and very important  decision to make. You will want to be sure that the service has everything that you/your relative/friend needs so here are our top tips.

1. Home work: following a full assessment and discussions with professionals, doctors and possibly a social worker, you will have a good idea of the care that is required either for yourself or your relative/friend.  Even if you are paying for your services you are entitled to an assessment by a Social worker to help you.

2. Write down: copious  information about yourself or the person you are making enquiries for.  It is important that any service knows as much about the person they will be  caring for as possible.  This reduce uncetainity and enables an agency or residential/nursing home to get to know the individual quickly.

For example: Life style, likes and dislikes, television programmes, music, hobbies, history, family, background, medical background habbits and much more.  This can reduce stress to changes, it can help communication and it can also enable any care provider to meet their needs in a positive way. Even if you think they may not be able to communicate we never know what can trigger a smile or frown, a laugh or a giggle.  

3. Easy Advice: You will find some excellent lists of questions and advice on the following web sites regarding what to look for and questions to ask and what to look for.  This could be about the care, food, services, buildings, environment, activities, social facilities, finances, person centred activities and support, respite, care in the home, visiting hours, the difference between nursing and residential care and much more.

4. Obtain Information/brochures on services in your area, and read the latest and the previous inspection reports from the Care Quality Comission on those services. Why we say this is that you can see if a service  is improving or if their service is declining in quality, you will also be able to see that they have corrected any issues that may have been picked up.  READ THE FULL REPORT not just the summary as some issues could be quite small and easily corrected. You can search for homes and home care services in your area on the Care Quality Commission this sitewww.cqc.org.uk/content/inspection-reports

5. Ensure the homes you are looking at provide the right level of care and if they have vacancies. Make a short list – We would recommend 3 if possible.  They will all be different.

6. Think about location and accessibility: Will friends and family be able to visit?  Can you park?   Is it rural or urban what would you or your relative/friend like?  Are there nearby shops, pubs and or parks? Is there a lift?  What security arrangements are there to keep residents safe?

7. Obey your instincts Would you like to live there or be cared for by the agency you are talking to?

Making changes to your life or supporting a relative/friend to receive care either in their own homes or as  an alternative place of residence, can be stressful.   The more you can do before hand in preparation is key, as it can save a great deal of heartache and misunderstandings.   

You may even like to think about it now, even if there is no need!

What would you really like, how would you like to be treated, cared for or spoken to.

Write it down in a book and put it with your Lasting Power of Attorney and let your family know it is there.  Then if the situation should arise your wishes and preference will be written down for all to see.  This will ensure you will be listened to and get the best possible care to meet your needs. It will save your family a lot of time and stress as well.  I have done this already!


Barham Care Centre - Church Lane, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0PS - 01473 830247 -         CQC Good

Baylham Care Centre - Upper Street, Baylham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 8JR - 01473 830267 -       CQC Outstanding

Primary Homecare - Lower Farm Park, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0NU - 01473 833533 -      CQC Good

Head Office - Cardinal Healthcare Group, Lower Farm Park, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0NU - 01473 830758

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