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Domestic Violence

As family solicitors and divorce lawyers, Prettys gives expert advice to people in the Chelmsford and Ipswich areas who are concerned about domestic violence. Here we examine some of the main issues surrounding this topic.

What is considered domestic violence?

Domestic violence has a very broad definition and can be emotional, psychological, or physical abuse.  It can also be causing someone to fear the use of such abuse, and extends to controlling, intimidating and bullying behaviour.

I want to leave but I’m too scared.  What do I do?

Talk to us about your worries - solicitor’s appointments are absolutely confidential.  There are a wide range of excellent support networks that can all help – you only need ask and we will put you in touch.  Additional details are below.

I am worried that my partner will become abusive if I try and leave.  What do I do?

Have a plan.  Understanding what you are entitled to and what resources are out there is the first step in formulating a plan to leave safely.

I have heard of injunctions; what are they and do I need one?

An injunction is legally called a non-molestation Order.  The application can be made to the court with or without notice to the other person.  An Order can require that your partner should not harass, intimidate, molest or pester you, nor encourage a third party to do so. 

Can I get my abusive partner out of our property while we are dealing with separation?

If there has been, or is, a risk of harm to you or the children, you can apply to the court for an occupation Order that orders your partner to leave and not return, and it can exclude your partner from coming with a certain distance of the property.

Do I need to have reported matters to the police before applying to court?

No.  If there is evidence of this nature then it will be used in the application, but non-molestation and occupation Orders can also be granted where there is no police evidence.

What should I do next?

To speak to a family or divorce lawyer, either call the Family Team on 01473 232121, request a call back here or e-mail us here. Prettys’ team of family solicitors and divorce lawyers can advise you in confidence.


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