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GDPR Staff Training Presentation

We have prepared a short PowerPoint, entitled “GDPR and you”.  The idea  behind it is that it is a short, 11 minute, animated PowerPoint, with a recorded narration which provides basic guidance to staff on what the GDPR means for them.  It is aimed at staff who have no special data handling obligations, but like us all, come into contact with personal information on a regular basis.
We are providing the PowerPoint for a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT.  Whilst Prettys have copyright (and therefore we do not agree to you disclosing it outside of your organisations), once you have paid for it you may use it as often as you like internally for staff training purposes.   
We think that the PowerPoint is an easy and cost effective way of ticking a compliance box, namely that all employees have familiarised themselves with the basics of GDPR and data handling.

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