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Gender Pay Gap Update

November 2016

On 6 April 2017, the new gender pay gap reporting regulations come into force and companies must begin to calculate their gender pay gap results.

Gender pay gap reporting is due to start in April of next year for all private and third sector employers with over 250 employees. It will be calculated using both mean and median hourly pay over a specific pay period depending upon the employer’s pay cycle. The final report must show gender pay balance over the four quarters of the year, thus showing the difference in pay between genders.

Those employers who pay bonuses must also publish a ‘gender bonus gap’ to show the difference in average bonus payments between men and women.

Things employers need to know:

Whilst these reports might seem like they are a way off, we would suggest that companies begin to put in place the necessary infrastructure and process for the report in the near future so as to avoid confusion when the process starts. By examining the process now, companies can also see if they have a significant gender pay gap and may be able to redress this slightly before the reporting starts.



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