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Guidance on Covid-19

April 2020

Here you can find all of the guidance and advice provided my our expert teams across Prettys. From our Employment Team on furlough to our Commercial Dispute Resolution Team looking at contracts and the importance of force majeure.

We hope everyone stays safe.

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Please note: these articles were correct at time of publishing, for up to date information please see www.gov.uk.



Back to work - Undertaking a Covid-19 Risk Assessment

To enable those who cannot work from home to get back to work, the Government has produced extensive guidance to assist with the lifting of the lockdown as a result of COVID-19. In order for employees to return to the workplace with the confidence ... Read more

Back to the office following Covid-19

Following the Government’s announcement that the lockdown as a result of COVID-19 was to be lifted to allow those that could not work from home to get back to work, guidance has been produced to assist with that return.  Whilst a large number of ... Read more

Back to the tools following Covid-19

On 11th May 2020, following the Government’s announcement that the lockdown as a result of COVID-19 was to be lifted to allow those who could not work from home to return to work, guidance was produced to assist with that return.  Many sites were ... Read more

Has 'lockdown' tempted you to move house?

The Telegraph report that Estate Agents are scrambling to deal with soaring inquiries, the Express announced that the housing market was in a state of uncertainty, Estate Agency Today reported that the UK experienced a huge surge of public interest just hours after ... Read more

Directors' duties in an uncertain economy

Successive releases of figures relating to the UK economy in the time of Covid-19 support what many businesses have known for some time. There is a general drop which is likely to be unprecedented in its steepness and, as the government feels its ... Read more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 7

This week’s reflections come a day early as we prepare for the bank holiday and, in the midst of a global crisis, to reflect on the ending in Europe of another. The emerging story of the week is the likelihood of an announcement of ... Read more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 6

As I sit her on the morning of May Day, my overall reflection on week 6 is how much we have got used to it and are getting on with life in the new reality. This general air of calm resignation is, of ... Read more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 5

In my earlier notes in this series, a number of themes have continued to come up, the furlough scheme, rent and commercial landlords and the extent to which direct support from government will be made available to businesses being amongst them. There have ... Read more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 4

It is remarkable how what seemed unimaginable at the end of February has become normal life, so much so, that yesterday’s announcement of the extension of the lockdown for a further 3 week period was met with, in general, an air of calm ... Read more

Coronavirus Employment Matters: Quick Fire Catch Up

The Easter break has hopefully given us all a chance to relax and reflect on the extraordinary times we find ourselves in.  The pace at which the government has sought to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak has, at times, been quite dizzying. As employment ... Read more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 3

The end of week three of the lockdown being a public holiday, this week’s reflections come a day early. This in itself indicates one of the peculiarities that many, including me, are experiencing in the lockdown, with the rhythm of the working week ... Read more

Two weeks into lockdown - how is business support playing out?

Coming to the end of the second working week of lockdown, the Government faces a vast number of challenges, the first priority being to ensure that it enables the whole of the UK’s healthcare system to have what it needs to care for ... Read more

Wrongful trading and the restructuring moratorium

The Government’s announcement about the suspension of the wrongful trading regime and the proposed restructuring moratorium have been widely welcomed, not least because it demonstrates that the Government is applying thought to the insolvency law implications of its policy of actively encouraging companies ... Read more

Is the pandemic the nudge law needs to finally go digital?

Ian Carr, CEO of leading Ipswich-based law firm Prettys, explains how the legal field must adopt digital processes across its activities and services in order to manage business continuity in the face of adversity.  In light of the recent global health pandemic, people, business ... Read more

Company Directors - What should they do next?

For the majority of companies, the Covid-19 restrictions represent the most serious financial challenge in living memory. The disappearance of demand for goods and services almost overnight has given little time for financial planning or preparation. The uncertainty as to the length of ... Read more

Coronavirus Act 2020: Impact on residential and commercial tenancies

On 26 March 2020 the Coronavirus Act 2020 (the ‘Act’) received royal assent. The Act brings in a number of measures to cope with the impact of the national emergency created by the Coronavirus. Below are the main provisions of the Act on residential and ... Read more

The Impact of Coronavirus on Commercial Properties – What you need to know as a Landlord

There is no doubt that the impact of Covid 19 (otherwise known as the Coronavirus) is going to have a significant impact of unknown proportions across the full gambit of the property market. The government’s decision to close all retail and leisure outlets ... Read more

Covid-19: Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

As the government introduces further, unprecedented measures to slow the spread of Covid-19, we have compiled responses to some common questions that have been raised by employers in relation to the existing legislation. Once the new measures have been clarified, we will provide further ... Read more

Coronavirus advice for Vets and Veterinary Businesses

With the government now seeking to impose more serious restrictions on movement and activities as a result of the coronavirus pandemic we thought it would be useful to highlight the key considerations for Vets in the face of this unprecedented situation. General Advice: We have ... Read more

Can a party to a contract seek to avoid performing its obligations due to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This is a question that, perhaps inevitably, will affect everybody, in whichever sector they are working.  In addition to looking at contract terms, and trying to negotiate a resolution (perhaps by seeking to defer and re-arrange a booking or contract, rather than cancelling ... Read more

Coronavirus, Force Majeure and Construction Contract

As the UK awaits to see the full impact of the Coronavirus, we are seeing an increase in enquiries from our clients in relation to what they can do to prepare from a contractual perspective. One area that is worth reviewing is whether ... Read more

Coronavirus: Contractual Considerations

In the Commercial Dispute Resolution team we have recently seen a number of enquiries from our clients in relation to the impact of the Coronavirus. The majority of the enquiries that we have received in the Commercial Dispute Resolution team are in relation to ... Read more

Prettys give advice on how your business can protect itself from Coronavirus

As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK continues to grow, employers are needing to consider a range of measures to help protect their staff, clients and businesses. From advising people not to shake hands at business meetings to potentially allowing ... Read more

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