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My home is a listed building - what works can I carry out without obtaining listed building consent?

A listed building is a building of ‘special architectural or historic interest’ that has been identified and included on a government list of protected buildings under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The buildings with the most significant interest are Grade 1 listed, with Grade 2* and Grade 2 being of important but lesser significance.

The Historic England website will provide details of the special interest features that led to the original listing but it is important to note that the whole building is included in the listing, together with any curtilage structures, not just the features referred to in the listing.

Listed buildings are therefore particularly sensitive to alterations as these can affect their special character and appearance, as well as the way the building functions.  Listed building consent is required for all changes to a listed building that affect its character, in addition to any planning permission or building regulation approval that may be required.

Generally speaking, ordinary maintenance and repairs that are carried out on a like-for-like basis in design, material and finish terms would not require listed building consent, provided that the works do not affect the building's special interest.

Similarly, replacing modern fittings such as kitchen and bathroom suites, redecorating or other minor internal alterations would not require listed building consent, provided that these do not affect the special interest features.

Unfortunately the legislation does not set out an exhaustive list of all works that require listed building consent, but in terms of general guidance the following types of works usually require listed building consent:

Listed building consent is also required for the following:

If you are in doubt as to whether any works you wish to carry out requires listed building consent, please contact your local authority conservation officer or planning department. It is important to find out whether listed building consent is needed (in addition to any planning or building regulation approval) as undertaking any relevant works to a listed building without listed building consent is a criminal offence.

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