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Back to the office following Covid-19

Following the Government’s announcement that the lockdown as a result ... more

Lockdown – reflections at the end of week 9

This has been a breathless news week where it has ... more

Secured lending against commercial properties – what, why and how

In these complex and uncertain times, now more than ever ... more

Corporate transactions outlook

The commercial and financial effects of the Covid-19 lockdown on ... more

Property Disputes in light of Covid 19: Common Tenant FAQ’s and how we can help

1. Help! My shop hasn’t been open since the lockdown ... more

Lockdown – reflections at the end of week 8

This time last week, as we enjoyed the bank holiday ... more

Directors’ duties in an uncertain economy

Successive releases of figures relating to the UK economy in ... more

Has 'lockdown' tempted you to move house?

The Telegraph report that Estate Agents are scrambling to deal ... more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 7

This week’s reflections come a day early as we prepare ... more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 6

As I sit her on the morning of May Day, ... more

Guide to Personal Injury Claims

There are a number of questions that clients often ask ... more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 5

In my earlier notes in this series, a number of ... more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 4

It is remarkable how what seemed unimaginable at the end ... more

Lockdown - Reflections at the end of week 3

The end of week three of the lockdown being a ... more

Two weeks into lockdown - how is business support playing out?

Coming to the end of the second working week of ... more

Wrongful trading and the restructuring moratorium

The Government’s announcement about the suspension of the wrongful trading ... more

Company Directors - What should they do next?

For the majority of companies, the Covid-19 restrictions represent the ... more

Coronavirus advice for Vets and Veterinary Businesses

With the government now seeking to impose more serious restrictions ... more

Music Licence - What is it and do I need one?

If your business wishes to play or perform music in ... more

Planning Update - CIL Payment Phasing

The High Court has recently rejected a developer's bid to ... more

Agriculture Bill - Update

The revised Agriculture Bill was reintroduced to Parliament on the ... more

New year, new you: Lawyer outlines what to look out for to avoid injury at the gym

Unsurprisingly gym memberships are set to surge now we are ... more

The nightmare before Christmas: The divorced parents’ guide to resolving family disputes

For families everywhere Christmas can be a tricky time. Rows ... more

Proposal for amending permitted development rules for Mobile Phone masts

In its efforts to speed up the deployment of 5G ... more

Modification of lease covenant to allow office to residential conversion

In the recent case of Shaviram Normandy Ltd v Basingstoke ... more

Update on electronic execution of documents

On 4 September 2019, the Law Commission published a report ... more

Discharge of Restrictive Covenants

The Court of Appeal decision in Graham v Easington District ... more

Sex Discrimination Claims Hit a Five-Year High

The Employment Tribunal has seen a rise in the number ... more

What does Brexit really mean? Lawyer deconstructs the language surrounding the debate

Leading Ipswich based law firm Prettys is holding a Business ... more

Considering replacing your garden fence wall or gates?

Springtime is a favourite time of year to attend to ... more

Getting A Head Start – Why Tenants should obtain professional advice before agreeing Heads of Terms

In many leasehold transactions the legal adviser only becomes involved ... more

CMA ruling demonstrates warning to all of us

On Friday 12 April 2019, the Competition and Markets Authority ... more

The Right to make a Racket

 With the recent trends of more town centre conversions to ... more

Cautionary tale for investment landlords if a building has inherent defects

In Blue Manchester Ltd v North West Ground Rents Ltd ... more

Lockout agreements

In ordinary contract law, there can be ‘no agreement to ... more

The New Structures and Buildings Capital Allowance

The Budget 2018 had some good news for our commercial ... more

Landlord’s obligations to enforce lessee’s covenants in residential leases

In the Court of Appeal’s decision in Duval v 11–13 ... more

My home is a listed building - what works can I carry out without obtaining listed building consent?

A listed building is a building of ‘special architectural or ... more

Employees – your greatest asset and your greatest (cyber) liability

Insure against rogue employees, is the clear message from the ... more

I want to ride my bicycle

We have heard a lot more in the news recently ... more

Bill to ban some forms of letting fees from private sector residential lettings

The Tenant Fees Bill is currently passing through the parliamentary ... more

Why does my solicitor carry out a search for chancel repairs liability when I purchase a property?

Chancel repairing rights are ancient rights that can bind property ... more

Removal of agricultural occupancy conditions (“ag tags”) on rural dwellings

A local planning authority (LPA) may grant a planning permission ... more

Heterosexual couple have won the right for a civil partnership

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan have won their right to ... more

Long Leaseholders Beware if Letting Rooms or Whole Flat Under Airbnb Style Arrangements

In the recent case of Bermondsey Exchange Freeholders Limited v ... more

BUYERS BEWARE – Implications of SDLT for Overage Payments in Contracts for Sale of Land

‘Overage’ is a term connected with  land disposals, which allows ... more

Tenant’s Liability for Recladding in the Wake of Grenfell

In March the First Tier Property Tribunal ruled in a ... more

Database of Rogue Landlords and Property Agents Regulations now in force.

The Housing and Planning Act 2016 (Database of Rogue Landlords ... more

Drones and the law

Thanks to technological advances, small unmanned / remotely piloted aircraft ... more

New Rules for Pre-commencement Planning Conditions

A new process will be coming into effect on 1 ... more

Court finds in favour of tenant friendly break provision in lease

In the case of Goldman Sachs International v Procession House ... more

Thinking of investing in a property to let as a House in Multiple Occupation?

A house in multiple occupation (HMO) often provides a higher ... more


If anyone is affected by a planning application they may ... more

10 Tips for instructing your lawyer in a cost efficient way:

During your initial discussion of the transaction your lawyer will discuss ... more

Article on the value of a schedule of condition in a lease

Where a leasehold property is not in full repair and ... more

Compensation for Disruption to Passing Trade

This article looks at the limited rights of businesses  to ... more

Look before you buy your commercial property

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice before ... more

The Importance of Heads of Terms

Before either party incurs any legal costs for your lease, ... more

Self Building your own ‘Grand Design’ home in the rural countryside

If you have ever thought about buying some rural land ... more


On 10 April 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ... more

Implied Repairing Covenants in Commercial Leases

Recent decision by the court of appeal on implied repairing ... more

Planning Permission in Principle

A new procedure enabling planning applications for ‘permission in principle’ ... more

Isolated Location Defined in Planning Terminology

Unsurprisingly, in the recent case of Braintree District Council v ... more

Abandoning a Right of Way

Proving abandonment of a right of way remains as difficult ... more

Property portfolio re-gears?

As landlords look to secure the value of their investments ... more

Recent case concerning a boundary fence dispute

Many landowners are familiar with the practice of allocating boundary ... more


The new RICS Service Charges in Commercial Property Professional statement ... more

House Purchasers Liability for Planning Obligations

Are house purchasers on new residential developments liable for breaches ... more

Workplace email monitoring: employers must have clear policies in place

{team=146}Quick Summary:   In this judgment on workplace monitoring, the Grand ... more

The Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims

What does it mean for your business? The Pre-Action Protocol for ... more

Employment e-briefing July 2017

Welcome to our Employment e-briefing for July 2017. In this edition we ... more

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Global data flows are fundamental to modern communication and everyday ... more

Pokémon Go Begone! Linking Augmented Reality and the Law

Since July, the mobile app Pokémon Go has been downloaded ... more

Employment e-briefing June 2016

Brexit - What Now? Read our e-briefing on the consequences of the ... more

Regional businesses remain uncertain about Brexit

With only 2 weeks remaining before the referendum, professionals are ... more

PSC requirements for Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships

On 6th April 2016, the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment ... more

Employment e-briefing April 2016

Welcome to our latest Employment e-briefing. In this edition we ... more

Plain sailing out of the Safe Harbor?

Where are we now on transfers of personal data to ... more

URGENT action on your pension before 16 March 2016 - Budget Day

If you are a high or mid-high earner, then pension ... more

Employment e-briefing February 2016

Welcome to our first Employment e-briefing for February.  In this edition we look at zero ... more

Employment e-briefing January 2016 Second Edition

Welcome to our second Employment e-briefing for January.  In this edition we look at ... more

Google, Sadie Frost, Data Protection and Privacy - An update

The information Commissioner has with increasing frequency imposed substantial fines ... more

Advertising on social media – how to comply with the law

Adverts on social media must comply with the same rules ... more

Minimum energy efficiency standards: a reminder

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (“MEES”) is due to begin ... more

Employment e-briefing January 2016

Welcome to our January Employment e-briefing.  This month we look at ... more

Corporate Update - November 2015

Click to read our special edition on Penalty Clauses ... more

Corporate Update - September 2015

In this issue: Consumer Rights Act 2015 - Special edition ... more

Have I got a contract? If I haven't, how might I get paid?

Have I got a contract? If I haven't, how might ... more

Swaps - another victory for the banks

Swaps - another victory for the banks ... more

Healthcare Update - June 2015

Healthcare Update - June 2015 ... more

Employment e-briefing June 2015

Employment e-briefing June 2015 ... more

Healthcare Update - May 2015

Healthcare Update - May 2015 ... more

Transport Sector Update - May 2015

Transport Sector Update - May 2015 ... more

Transport Sector Update - April 2015

Transport Sector Update - April 2015 ... more

Healthcare Update - March 2015

Healthcare Update - March 2015 ... more

Online Retailers - Are you ready for June 2014?

February 28, 2014 at 11:04 AM From 13 June 2014, e-commerce ... more

Pre-marital agreements

Friday 14th of February is Valentine’s Day and a recent ... more

Employment e-briefing August 2015

Employment e-briefing August 2015 ... more

Employment e-briefing July 2015

Employment e-briefing July 2015 ... more

Cookies - Your obligations

Cookies - Your obligations ... more


What is a MIAM? MIAM stands for Mediation, Information and Assessment ... more


Litigation, or the need to apply to the court to ... more

Selling a Property

Selling a property ... more

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