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Litigation, or the need to apply to the court to resolve issues, is necessary in only a small number of cases that cannot be resolved in another way.  Today, litigation is the exception rather than the usual method of resolution.  However, it remains an important method that may be appropriate in certain circumstances where for example:

Litigation can also have consequences that must be understood when deciding which method of resolution to use.  Litigation can lead to further conflict between the parties with positions becoming polarised and direct communication breaking down.  It can be protracted and emotionally exhausting and particularly damaging to children even if the dispute is not about them.  Being prepared and understanding what is ahead; to include costs information; and why the process is the most appropriate, is essential groundwork.

We can help you decide if litigation is the most appropriate route and answer your questions.  Please speak to us on 01473 232121, request a call back here or contact us here.

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