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Look before you buy your commercial property

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice before buying a commercial property, but it is an extremely sensible piece of advice!  Your heart may have fallen in love with your potential next premises, but in business your head ought to agree with your heart.  To avoid costly mistakes - ask yourself a few questions before making the decision to take on your next property; Is there a telephone line? Is there running water? Does the property match the description provided? Does it look in good condition? Are the fixtures and fittings included with the sale? Are the boundaries clear? Do I need permission from a third party to get access to the property? Is anyone else occupying the property? After your own inspection, we would recommend that you appoint a surveyor to have a closer look in the hope that your head will agree with your heart!  If there are any issues that you would like covered off in the legal documentation, our Commercial Property team will be pleased to help https://bit.ly/2Hwd9Mv


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