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Proactively managing your debts

In difficult times investment in quality credit management is vital. Prettys offer a debt collection service to our clients.

Netchaser is a system, designed and operated by the debt recovery solicitor team at Prettys to provide you with the opportunity of managing bad debt issues economically and over a defined time period that you control.

The Netchaser system will send out a series of up to four credit control letters to your debtor on your behalf, printed on Prettys' headed paper and signed by hand. The easy-to-use system allows you to pursue your debts, from an initial letter through to a County Court Judgment if needed.

Because we are solicitors, Netchaser offers you the reassurance of SRA regulation. We provide you with the opportunity to employ the reputation and expertise built up by Prettys' Commercial Dispute Resolution team over many years.

For clients with international dealings, we have the experience and overseas connections to help you. Prettys is also a member of Galexy the international association of lawyers.

For further details, please contact: netchaser@prettys.co.uk.

Debt Recovery Fee Guidance

Human Rights Act 1998
On a claim form you must state whether your claim includes issues under the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA 1998). Netchaser is unable to process claims for which issues arise under the HRA 1998.

In practice, the only circumstances in which such issues are likely to arise are if you are a public body (such as a local authority) or are engaged to provide a public function.

If you have any doubt about whether your claim includes any issues under the HRA 1998, please contact us, or email netchaser@prettys.co.uk.

Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims
The Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims specifies a procedure that should be followed before commencing any court claims against individuals (including individuals that run businesses, such as sole traders and partnerships). The procedure includes:

For more information on Pre-Action Protocol, please read our article.

Our Netchaser Team can act for you in recovering the debt or assist you with ensuring that your business processes comply with the procedure in the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims. You can contact the Team on netchaser@prettys.co.uk or request a call back with your enquiry.


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