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Parental Responsibility

Odyssey July 2016

Parents often ask what is Parental Responsibility?  It is a legal status reflecting the rights, duties and responsibilities reasonably expected of a parent.  It can involve all decisions concerning a child but it is intended to concentrate on significant aspects of a child’s life such as educational, medical and religious decisions.  Schools and GP’s/hospitals are entitled to withhold information from a parent who does not have Parental Responsibility and particularly where the other parent objects to the release of such information. Where a parent has Parental Responsibility, information must be provided and decisions about the child on significant issues should be shared with the other parent.

Will a parent have Parental Responsibility? 

There will automatically be Parental Responsibility if:

If a parent does not have Parental Responsibility how is it achieved?

The parent may :

The court’s starting point on such an application is to promote the child’s relationship with each parent and there has to be an extremely good reason why Parental Responsibility is not ordered to the parent who does not have Parental Responsibility.  Talk to the family team if you have any queries on 01473 232121. 

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