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Parental Responsibility

As family solicitors, Prettys advise many parents in Suffolk, Essex and East Anglia over the legal position regarding parental responsibility. 

What is parental responsibility?

It is a legal status reflecting the rights, duties and responsibilities reasonably expected of a parent.  It can involve all decisions concerning a child but is intended to concentrate on significant aspects of a child’s life such as educational, medical and religious decisions.

Do I really need it?

Schools and GPs/hospitals are entitled to withhold information from a parent who does not have parental responsibility and particularly where the mother objects to the release of information. Information must be provided to a person with parental responsibility.

Do I have parental responsibility?

You will automatically if:

I don’t have it; how do I get it?

You may:-

Will I get parental responsibility if I apply to court?

The circumstances in which parental responsibility is denied to a parent are exceptionally rare.  The court’s starting point is to promote the child’s relationship with each parent, and an even flow of information to each about the child. Parental responsibility will only normally be denied if the child is at risk of emotional or physical harm by the granting of parental responsibility to a parent.

What should I do next?

If you need legal advice over parental responsibility or any other aspect of family law, contact the solicitors in our Family Team on 01473 232121, ask us to call you back here or send us an email here


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