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Prettys urge businesses to prepare for new data protection regulations

Prettys are urging businesses to start preparing for the introduction of new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to come into force in May 2018.

The GDPR includes stricter rules about the security and use of personal data and tougher punishments for businesses that fail to comply.

A recent poll of local businesses conducted during a legal briefing on the GDPR hosted by Prettys as part of its ‘Business Academy’ series, discovered that while almost 90% of attendees were aware of the changes, only 41% had taken steps to start preparing for the introduction of the regulations.

The GDPR aims to give individuals more protection as well as tackle the increasing threat from cyber criminals. While less than 20% of the attendees at Prettys’ event stated they had been affected by a cyber-attack, the cost of cybercrime to businesses in the UK is thought to have been around £1billion in 2016.

The new rules will ensure that businesses have more control over the storage of personal data including clear audit trails and the opportunity for individuals to withdraw consent and have their data permanently deleted. In the event of a data breach, GDPR will force organisations to inform relevant authorities and fine those businesses who fail to comply with the new standards.

Matthew Cole, partner, Prettys commented; “The introduction of GDPR in May 2018 may seem a long way off but there is a huge amount organisations need to do to get their systems and procedures ready for the new changes.

“Individuals are now much more aware of data protection and the ability to control what personal information is stored, and with the threat of cyber-crime growing and the number of high-profile attacks hitting the headlines, it is essential that businesses, whatever their size, make sure they are ready when the new rules are imposed.”

Photo caption: Matthew Cole from Prettys is urging businesses to prepare for the introduction of GDPR.


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