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Talking Works is a dispute resolution service that offers routes to resolution through discussion. It aims to resolve disputes at an early stage before litigation arises. Talking Works is a process for matching you to a way of reaching a solution that best suits you to achieve an outcome that you are prepared to accept.

Prettys offers wide-ranging business legal advice to companies in the Chelmsford and Ipswich areas and across East Anglia. As employment lawyers, we know that discussion provides better long-term outcomes because the parties have themselves been involved in finding the solution. It also helps preserve the best possible relationship for the future which can be important in the context of workplace and commercial relations.

The service works by recognising an issue exists early on and then proactively employing the appropriate techniques offered through Talking Works. We save our clients considerable management time and money whilst minimising the impact on workplace morale, productivity and company reputation. It allows our clients to focus on resolving issues that are important to them but which may not be given the same priority in a court process.

Talking Works can be used for a wide range of issues (including negotiating settlement packages, resolving bonus issues and restrictive covenants and confidentiality disputes and defending employment tribunal claims) and there are a number of methods that can be employed, each slightly different depending on the particular circumstances involved. Where required, the approach may include other parties such as HR and recruitment consultants, occupational health advisors and accountants. 

The Talking Works approach includes workplace mediations, round table and board room table alongside the more traditional methods such as correspondence and court or tribunal action.  

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