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Unmarried Parents' Financial Claims for Children

As a family law firm, Prettys advises many unmarried parents over financial claims following a separation. Here we look at some important issues to consider in this situation.

I am unmarried and have separated from the partner I was living with.  What claims can I make?

Firstly, have a look at our Living Together FAQs and, if relevant, our Child Maintenance FAQs to determine the nature of claims that exist.  You will note that they are not as broad as the claims that exist for married couples.

What if my partner is wealthy and I need a home for our children?

If your ex-partner is in a financial position to fund separate housing for each of you, you may wish to consider making a claim for the benefit of your child.  These claims are financial claims made under the Children Act 1989 and are strictly for the benefit of the child.  It is not a way for you to make a financial claim for yourself by the back door.  The financial claim would normally be for a property for you and the child to live in until the child reaches 18, but thereafter with the property reverting to the ownership of your ex-partner and you and the child will then have to be prepared to vacate.

Are there any additional expenses I can claim under this provision?

You may claim for a lump sum or periodical payments to assist with expenses for the child such as school fees or private medical bills, or other items the child may need.  The claim needs to be realistic and affordable and strictly linked to the child’s need to be financially maintained.

Can I make this claim in addition to child maintenance?

Yes, though you will need to clarify why Child Maintenance alone does not cover the expenses claimed.

What should I do next?

If you need advice from a lawyer over a separation, contact family law firm Prettys who work with clients in Ipswich, Chelmsford and East Anglia. Ring the Family Team on 01473 232121, request a call back from us or email us if you prefer.


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