The importance of having a professionally drafted, up-to-date Will

The importance of having a professionally drafted, up-to-date Will cannot be overstated.  There has long been an assumption amongst younger generations that you really only need to make a Will if you have a huge fortune or when you reach old age.  This simply isn’t the case; anyone who wants to ensure that their wishes are carried out after death should make a Will, particularly if they have young children or own a property. 

Recent research has shown that 70% of parents in the UK have not appointed a legal guardian to take care of their children if they die whilst their kids are under 18.  Making a Will allows you to set out who you would like to look after your children should the worst happen to both of their parents.  Without this, it would be up to a court to decide who should have legal responsibility for them.  Godparents do not automatically have a right to become the child’s legal guardian. 

Remember to review your Will every few years particularly when circumstances change such as the birth of a baby or moving house. Marriage, divorce or the death of a loved one can create various complications and even invalidate your Will so a review would almost certainly be needed. 

Engaging a Solicitor who is experienced in Will drafting can ensure that you receive the best advice that considers your circumstances, family, assets, and any Inheritance Tax planning advice needed. At Prettys our Wills process includes an initial meeting at which we take time to get to know what’s important to you and your family.  We will then provide you with a draft Will and letter of explanation before making any amendments needed and a second meeting to finalise the Will and oversee the signing formalities.  Our Wills service also includes secure storage of your documents. 

Our charges start from £300 plus VAT for a straight-forward, single Will and we are happy to meet with our clients in person at our modern offices in the centre of Ipswich or online. 

Please call us on 01473 232121 to discuss this further or book an appointment.

Emma Woollard