Relationships between landlords and tenants are subject to challenges in today’s uncertain commercial climate


Along with rules and regulations, a well-drafted lease is key to protecting both parties’ interests when entering into an agreement. With the right legal expertise on your side, you can reduce risk and avoid potentially costly litigation at a later date.
Prettys’ in-depth understanding of commercial property law has seen us act on behalf of both landlords and tenants, helping them to better understand their various rights and obligations. Offering specialist advice that covers every aspect of landlord and tenant law, our specialist solicitors can help you find a legal solution perfectly suited to your requirements.

With experience in lease arrangements for a variety of premises, including new build and existing offices, storage, haulage, medical centres, shops, restaurants and factory spaces, we are able to tailor straightforward, practical advice which supports you in achieving your commercial objectives.

What Can We Do For You?

Our legal services for landlords and tenants include preparing and advising on:

  • Leases, including bespoke leases
  • Agreements for lease, for example when a landlord needs to build a premises or carry out works prior to the tenant's occupation or if planning permission is required
  • Lease renewals
  • Variation to a lease
  • Licence for Alterations, for example if a tenant wishes to make alterations to a property
  • Rent Review Memoranda
  • Notices, for example when a party would like to inform another party that they intend to exercise their rights under a break clause or bring the lease to an end in another way
  • Report on a lease, for instance if a review of a company's assets is required or in connection with a proposed letting

To find out how our commercial property lawyers can help you as a landlord or a tenant, including early advice on heads of terms, contact us today.

Why Choose Prettys?

Prettys’ approach is personalised, practical and commercially-focused. Our real estate team recognises the importance of commercial relationships between landlords and tenants. Whether that means protecting your property as one of your most valuable investments or maximising the use of a rented space to achieve commercial success, we ensure our recommended approach is designed around your needs. 
To speak to our specialist landlord and tenant solicitors, contact us on 01473 232121, submit an online enquiry form or send us an email at enquiry@prettys.co.uk.

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