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We know that accessing, storing, and keeping up to date the vast quantities of data protection documents that businesses are required to have is not an easy task.  We have therefore developed our own document management system – the Prettys’ Privacy Portal - that allows all of your data protection documents to be stored in one, easy to use, place.  

The Prettys’ Privacy Portal can help you to:

  • Comply with the fundamental data protection principles such as accountability and transparency
  • Promote the data protection culture within an organisation
  • Access all your data protection documents in one place
  • Complete simple, easy to use forms
  • Demonstrate compliance by creating an audit trail.

It avoids unwieldy spreadsheets, and also allows the documents to be easily accessed and updated so you always know that you are using the right version.  We can even access them at the same time so that we can advise you when you need it.   

If this sounds like a option for your business that you would like to explore or you would like to find out more, please call our data protection and privacy team on 01473 232121 for a no-obligation discussion, or email dataprotection@prettys.co.uk.

The Prettys Privacy Portal complements and enhances the provision of our data protection compliance and support.

In addition, your written record of your processing activity can be stored and updated within the system in a straightforward format.  All the documents in the system can then be simply exported or shared as required (for example with the ICO if needed).  The system also provides an easy way of completing forms, such as when a legitimate interest impact assessment form is required.  This automatically links through to the written record, and again is all kept in the same place.

Similarly, the system allows the data breach register to be maintained, and again there is an easy to use form to fill out which will help with assessing whether the breach is notifiable.  This assists businesses with complying with the fundamental data protection principles such as accountability and transparency.

Why choose Prettys?


At Prettys, we understand the legal challenges your business is facing. Our data protection lawyers are specialists in this field and have been advising on data protection issues for many years. Both Matthew Cole and Emma Loveday-Hill hold the CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe) qualification. Emma also holds the IAPP CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager) accreditation. Matthew has a particular specialisation in acting for businesses in the BioTech sector.

Our combined practical experience and understanding of the law enables us to offer both practical solutions and legal advice while ensuring that there is continuity between the two.  This is not always the case with other data protection providers.



Get in touch in whichever way suits you best. For a no-obligation conversation about your data protection needs and how we might help, call us on 01473 232121 or email dataprotection@prettys.co.uk giving a few brief details about your business and your key reason for contacting us now.  

You can also join our data protection hub to get exclusive access to our online Q&A "Lightning Sessions" and webinars, as well as information on the latest developments in data protection law and what it means for your business.

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